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With 16 years of experience as a Dental Hygienist, and having had the privilege of working at high-end dental practices in Johannesburg, I have extensive knowledge in the dental world to help promote healthy,  beautiful smiles for all ages.

I have an absolute passion for people and the world of dentistry, which has inspired me to start my own dental hygiene practice in the beautiful, tree-lined streets of Johannesburg in Dunkeld West!

My goal is to make each patient comfortable and at ease, building long-term relationships with each, their families, and friends.  I strive to provide to each patient’s individual needs, doing gentle and pain-free cleanings, as I am always keeping up with the latest developments and technology to incorporate into my practice.

With extensive oral hygiene education, the correct techniques and treatment with positive motivation, a healthy smile can be maintained for now and for years to come!

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